Supplier to the boat market

All products developed and produced in Norway


Welcome to 

The goal for Java Sea is to develop,
produce and market products for boats,
also in cooperation with other companies.

Since the establishment in 2002, Java Sea has launched
several products into the market.
However, we are still interested in receiving input from our customers, regarding improvements of the existing range,
or ideas for new products that we can bring into the market.

Latest news from Java Sea

26 mars, 2020|Kommentarer er skrudd av for

Java Sea Ltd
The company will from now on change ownership, and all orders and other applications must be directed to:

Saga-Nor AS, Nordstrand Terrasse 62, 1170 OSLO 911 740 702

Phone 922 81 167 or e-mail

Basically all products will be brought further, and prices given for 2020 will also be kept!